Funny searches (2)

Time for an update on searches that get you to this blog. It seems the funny ones are less frequent nowadays, so let’s also have a look at the big-time hitters.

Sharia law, punishments, stealing

Several search-entries that got viewers to this blog have to do with sharia law, punishments in general or the punishment for stealing. They were all referred to this post about a picture of a child street artist who has his arm run over by a car without getting hurt. The picture is recycled on the internet by people who falsly claim the kid is being punished for stealing under sharia law in Iran and will never be able to use his arm again. It’s not Iran, it’s not the punishment for stealing, it’s not sharia law and the kid escapes unscathed (as planned), but that doesn’t prevent these people from lying to the world.

Geert Wilders

This infamous, virulently anti-islamic and by far the most untrustworthy Dutch politician is the subject of some of my posts, but it is not a big subject on this blog. Still, viewers get here to these posts by various search terms referring to said politician.

Inarah group

A fair amount of viewers were looking for information on this research group from Germany, that specialises in revisionist views on the origins of islam and seems to have gone off track. It’s explained here.

(Square) Kufic, Arabic calligraphy

The most favorite subject among my posts, even though only one actually deals with it.

Hijazi, old qur’an manuscripts

I blog regularly about old qur’an manuscripts, Hijazi being one of the styles in which these are written.

Hijazi women nude

I guess it’s a by-product of my blogging about old qur’anic manuscripts, so I’m really curious to which post this viewer, who was clearly looking for something else, was directed.

Canis lupus sapiens

The wise wolf? Seriously: people got to my blog by searching for this. It baffles me why…

Fucker photo 2010

This one may sound like someone who was looking for pornography and strayed to my blog. Actually it does get you to a totally different subject: my post about a World Press Photo picture from 2010 featuring some young jewish colonist on the West Bank throwing wine at a older Palestinian woman. The title of the post is the Ignorant Little Fucker.



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