About me and the rules here

I’m not an Iranian, but I do speak Persian. Nobody knows if I am religious -including me- but I read the bible in Hebrew and Greek. Friends call me an amateur muslim, but I sing Gregorian plainchant in church every Sunday. I’m an archaeologist, but I don’t dig. I preach, but I’ve never been on a pulpit…

Need I go on?

خدا حافظ

The rules of this place

It’s not that this blog is submerged in comments, but I thought I better be sooner than later.

I am the tyrant of this place.

This is my place and I decide what’s allowable here. I consider myself not accountable to anyone but me, myself and I.

Having said that, there’s a few things I can outlaw beforehand:

  1. Among others that’s plain racism and sexism. I shall only tolerate racist or sexist comments if and when they are clearly and obviously meant ‘tongue in cheek’.
  2. Same thing goes for that mother of all racism: anti-semitism.
  3. The same rules apply to any kind of personal attacks or threats.
  4. Last but not least: I shall not tolerate blasphemy on this site.

Comments containing any of the above will be deleted.

There’s other things that aren’t necessarily illegal, but still bothersome:

  1. Posting posts from your own blog as a comment on mine. Please: use track-back.
  2. Extensive quoting. Please: refer to a quote in the relevant shorthand (e.g. Mc 14:3, Q 55:13, Caes. BG 2:3-4 or Lewis 1896, 246).
  3. Extensive linking. Please: develop your writing skills. If you need umpty links to make your point, don’t or summarise in your own words.
  4. Proselytising. Please: just don’t.
  5. Obfuscation. Please: use you brain.
  6. Foreign languages: Long stretches of text in Malay, Spanglish, or non-Latin alphabets are bothersome. Sure, if the quote you’re giving is too beautiful in it’s original language to skip, please feel free to post it, but when it’s not English, French, German or Latin: please translate!

Comments containing any of the above will be edited or -if and when beyond repair- deleted.


3 Responses to “About me and the rules here”

  1. Salaams Shir ha Shirim,

    Thank you for stopping by at my own website. Have we met before so to speak? At any rate, I too have an interest in ancient history and wrote an MA dissertation on Septimius Severus (which you can find at my blog).

    Also, I accidentally deleted your last two comments on my blog regarding the ‘land of reeds’. For some reason, they appeared in my spam box and so I mistakenly deleted them.

    At any rate, yes – people speaking about God is a fine way of looking at it for me.

    Finally, this is a great blog – with lots of interesting material. Insha Allah, I will add a link to my own page.

    Abdur Rahman

  2. Hi,

    You mention “I sing Gregorian plainchant in church every Sunday”. I wonder what is the denomination of that Church?

    Thank you,


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