Love as we know it (3)

I have more than a thousand books. Among my colleagues I am a lesser God where it comes to books, but to my girlfriend a thousand plus books was more than enough. Even though I live by books, books make me happy, she consistently refused to ever give me a book.

That limits the possibilities to surprise me considerably. Fortunately my girlfriend kept an eye out for what I liked besides books. One evening, while visiting a friend, she’d noticed me playing with a Philips Living Colors lamp. It’s a lamp that has a remote control with which you can set the colour of the light, its intensity and hue. It makes for a very enjoyable evening.

These lamps cost a fortune. My girlfriend couldn’t possibly afford one. But as she had set her mind to pleasing me, she saved for it. I think it was at Christmas, at st. Valentines Day and our two-year anniversary that she gave me a card stating that a big present for my birthday was underway. In exchange for the three cards I could obtain my present for my birthday.

The package I got in mid-summer surely did not have the size nor the weight of a book. I was indeed surprised to find one of these lamps in the box. This was definitely not what I had expected and worst: this was not something I wanted. It made for a fun evening, playing with the remote and all that, but that was it.

I immediately realised how she had gotten the idea. I remembered the visit with my friend. She had been paying attention, accidentally came to the wrong conclusion and saved up her dearly earned money for about half a year, just to do me a pleasure. There was no way I was going to disappoint her. I pretended, I fooled, I faked. Not just on my birthday, I played with the thing every time during dinner.

My chivalrous charade only lasted for two months and four days, and then we broke up. The lamp is still in my house. It’s never on, except when I have visitors, they can play with it and all visitors have so far. Since my girlfriend’s gone, I have rid myself of everything she ever gave me. But I don’t want to get rid of the lamp, because that would make me feel sorry for her.


One Response to “Love as we know it (3)”

  1. It’s good to read some nuanced feelings about an old girlfriend. Maybe it’s just me, but I think too many times all we humans can think of are “She done me wrong”, or “I miss her so”.

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