Malice or madness

Never assume a conspiracy where mere stupidity suffices, it is said, but what if there’s method in our madness?

A pretty nineteen year old Ukrainian girl is found dead in the woods near her home town, her head smashed with a stone. She came seventh in a recent local beauty pageant. So what gets into the newspaper?

This: three Muslim men stoned the Muslim girl under sharia law for not abiding Islamic rules, complete with quotes from one of the alleged perpetrators. What turns out to be true?

This: the girl is Russian (i.e. of Orthodox descent) and only one man, of mixed Russian/Tatar descent (i.e. half Orthodox, half Muslim) is a suspect of the murder. The guy is a teenager who’d apparently been infatuated with the poor girl and reportedly has a psychiatric history. The main European newspaper that first published the story has retracted it, sort of.

How the sharia-angle got in there, nobody knows. And just maybe there actually is a sharia-angle (after all: after one screwup, why not another one?). But that’s not the point. The point is that when a sharia-angle seems remotely possible, that is the story that’s being published.

And that is the story that we will keep reading everywhere long after the myth-busters have done their good but ultimately fruitless work. Western media are neither mad nor malicious I believe, but it does look frighteningly like something in between.


One Response to “Malice or madness”

  1. I think there is a conspiracy as well as incompetence. The fact that the untrue or badly biased stories all tend to be biased in the same direction (pro west, pro Christian, pro US, pro big business) indicates a conspiracy. Of course there should be no surprise there because most media is run by companies who would naturally support these causes.

    It has got to the point now where I assume mainstream media stories are wrong and I just use them as a starting point to investigate what really happened. Unfortunately many people just accept them without thinking, especially if they support their existing political biases.

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