I know a young Catholic priest whose sister regularly has to answer the question why her brother still works for ‘that institute’. It is the direct result of all the child abuse scandals in the Catholic church.

Since 2008 greedy banks issuing fishy mortgages have thrown the economy in a worldwide crisis that has affected millions of people. A friend of mine who works at a bank, department of selling mortgages, has never been asked a comparable question.


6 Responses to “Odd”

  1. Can I quote your post on my blog? I would of course link back to your post.

  2. Yes, good point. The only comment I would make is that the abuse by priests is far more direct and personal rather than institutional. But now that i think about it that really makes working for the banks an even bigger problem!

    Maybe we expect more from priests because of the claim that Christianity is essentially a religion of forgiveness and tolerance. No one expects anything good from banks, it’s just accepted that they will screw us! (as opposed to the priests who… Oh forget it!)

    • shirhashirim Says:

      ha ha, yes, there is a difference.
      The thought occured to me just before posting and I wondered if my point was still valid. Then I decided that just like me, lots of people probably don’t see the difference at first. So statistically speaking, it’s still significant that the bank employee never gets the question.

  3. I think your point is very valid. I personally think that many of the leaders of major institutions are little better than common criminals. I despise them as much as any dodgy priest.

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