Sense of direction

About a year ago I was in Regensburg for a conference. This was just after my girlfriend and me broke up, and the long-awaited conference failed to grasp my attention for obvious reasons. Luckily I met some Irish students there, who dragged me though…

What also failed to grasp me was the local geography. The route from my hotel to the conference hall involved a left turn, a right turn and a left and that was it. Yet, every single day I got there and back by some other itinerary. Restaurants that we went to I could not find the next day.

Normally I can do with one long, hard stare at a map, and after that I’ll find wherever I need to go, even in places I’ve never been to before, even if I miss a turn.

My sense of direction came back slowly on my visit to Ireland, nine months ago. It was also then when my sleeping started to improve. Maybe how well my sense of direction worked is linked to enough sleep. Because I can’t find a reason as to why your sense of direction would stop working, when you suddenly become single again…


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