IQ test

A friend of mine from Iran sent me an ‘IQ-test’ that I just could not solve: what numbers need to be on the dotted line?

10, 20, …… , 15, 1000, …… , 16

Most of you won’t even get near the answer, so I’ll give it to you: it’s 3 and 60. Still don’t see it? Well, you wouldn’t because there’s no logic to it. It’s a Persian nursery rhyme:

ده بيست سه پونزه
هزار و شصت و شونزه

When I read the numbers out loud, I did notice there was some rhythm to it, and rhyme as well:

deh, bist, seh, poonzah
hezar o shast o shoonzah

It again proves the Arab proverb: ‘even if he’s smart, the foreigner is blind’. There’s just no way you can solve problems like these if you’re not a native…


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