The other day a colleague confided in me: ‘Every time I see red roses, I just have to think of you!’

During my recent visit to Ireland, one of my friends told me that in Limerick there are ‘tonnes of women’ who want to meet me. They’ve never seen me though, they’ve just heard a story about me. One of these women called my actions ‘poetic’.

And a few weeks ago another colleague asked me: ‘Are you proud of what you did?’ When I hesitated about the answer, she insisted that I should be.

It’s nice to feel admired by so many women.

I better blog about this.

But it’s about the breakup with my girlfriend, a subject that can become nasty if and when you write about it too soon. So I decided to not write about it for half a year. As of March 17th, that half year has passed. This post is a trailer.

From today I’ll be abroad for two weeks, so there’ll probably be no blogging. But when I return, I’ll blog about the ‘Battle of Walem‘, the battle that was won with a bunch of red roses.


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