The other day I was having an excellent dinner with a former colleague. Everything went fine until we had our deserts. She had ordered pistachio ice cream and I had crème brûlée. She didn’t like her ice cream.

As I hadn’t touched my crème brûlée yet, I offered a swap.
‘Don’t you want to taste my ice cream first?’ she asked.

Now here was a dilemma for someone who never fails to seize the moments where you can pretend to be a gentleman. If I would taste the ice cream, I’d either like it or not. In case I didn’t, she’d insist on not swapping, which would mean she’d have to eat the ice cream she didn’t like. Now that’s a chance a gentleman cannot take. So there was no other choice but to not taste the ice cream and do the swap.

It puzzled her when I explained that I wasn’t going to taste the ice cream and do the swap anyway.
‘Gentleman’s bushido,’ I tried, ‘there’s no other option.’
Enjoying her crème brûlée, she still concluded I was a ‘really special guy’. She looked confused when she said that…


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