The young ones

I had a start yesterday, a big one, in both senses of the word.

The oldest brother of my god-child has found his own house to live in, together with two friends. He’s 19, so his parents’ plans to kick him out at the proper time have only been delayed by a year. Sounds like well done to me.

The three friends are planning to have two housewarming parties. One for the ‘adults’, presumably parents and one for the ‘youngsters’, presumably friends. Obviously the two don’t mix.

He has however discussed me with his friends and they’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t fit in…

…with the adults.

They prefer me to come to the youngsters’ party. So somewhere beginning next year I’m invited to join the housewarming party with a bunch of 19 year olds. An age difference of a mere 27 years…

…I just might enjoy that!


2 Responses to “The young ones”

  1. Please take precautions: earbuds are a must!

  2. shirhashirim Says:

    Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that yet!

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