Love, as we know it (1)

The man who coined one of my quotes of the day, was middle-aged, rich and an avid collector of antiques. He was also a bachelor, but not out of conviction. Now and then he dated women, but it never worked out.

Until he met one that stayed with him for a long time, she too was an avid collector of antiques. Plans were made, a house was sought, invitations were prepared. When they had to figure out how to merge their collection of antiques, my middle-aged friend was not prepared to separate himself from a particular set of antique Louis XIV china. And then he realised: this meant he did not love her.

Louis XIV china is not more important than the woman you love. He broke up with her. Not because of the china, but because he had realised that for someone you love, you should be willing to give up everything that’s important to you.

Years later he eventually met the woman he later married. There was no need this time to get rid of any antiques. ‘But for her, I could have chucked all my china right out the window.’ He later said.

While it would probably have been a bad idea to really do so, the fact that he could entertain the idea of giving up all he cared for, indicated that he really loved her.

I have never heard a better description of what love is than this story about someones china. Love as we know it has very little to do with romance or romanticism: it’s about hard-core choices.


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  1. Perfectly written.

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