Divorce hypothesis

Rumour has it that three quarters of heterosexual couples that break up do this on the woman’s initiative. The usual explanation is that women tend to expect more from relationships, so they’re disappointed sooner. Another explanation I’ve heard is that women tend to take more initiatives than men when it comes to relationships.

At least in the West, this needs some correction. In the case where children are involved, women in the West can more or less count on staying in care of the children. Men cannot take this for granted, hardly ever.

This means that when children are involved, the choice to leave your partner is a totally different one for the man than for the woman. The woman only has to decide whether to leave her husband. The man needs to decide whether he wants to leave his wife and his kids. Surely this would account for a greater reluctance in men.


3 Responses to “Divorce hypothesis”

  1. claire Montrose Says:

    I gotta offer an exception to this. When I left my husband, I was giving him full shared custody, and no demand for child support or alimony. I just wanted to leave. I wanted more, emotionally. I would say this is typical of women.

    Do we GET more? Well, no, because men are not offering it.

    • shirhashirim Says:

      I have to raise my hat to that. It’s very noble of you to try and resolve the custody in that way. I presume it’s more difficult as well, logistically speaking.

      On a more critical note: if men in general aren’t offering what you need, there’s no point in complaining (if that is what you’re doing). Men don’t offer more and pigs can’t fly. We have no other choice but to live with it…

  2. Ken Kendall Says:

    Very wise indeed. I hope that is the reason.

    I write a blog about marriage and how men can better love their wives to make great relationships. I hope you will check it out when you have a chance.



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