Funny searches

One of the features of WordPress blog stats is that it indicates what search terms people entered in their search engine that got them to your blog. Over the past years I’ve collected a few funny and endearing ones.

April 14th 2008: ‘Campfire with Jesus’
Say what?
Well, actually, there is a story in a canonical gospel about Jesus sitting next to a campfire and barbecuing fish. It’s in Jh 21:9-14 but I never blogged about it. Yet ‘campfire’ occurs 3 times in my blog and ‘Jesus’ occurs 4 times. They’re just never combined.

December 15th 2008: ‘kufi the word love’
There’s this one post about Kufic, a particular style of writing Arabic, that attracts lots of viewers. The word ‘kufi’ or ‘kufic’ in fact never fails to appear among the search terms in my blog stats. I should have kufified the word ‘love’ for this lone searcher a lot earlier.


So here it is

March 19th 2009: ‘hadith on having girlfriend’
I’ve blogged about my girlfriend before and and about hadith, just never in combination, but the search engines don’t seem to care.
I imagine someone, somewhere either inadvertently having or seriously wanting a girlfriend, searching the Internet for a religious justification for his perfectly natural and God-given desires. Poor bloke. For some of us, faith is hell.

April 20th 2009: ‘Islam erection’
This one actually got me three hits. The word ‘Islam’ occurs many times in my blog, it is one of my favourite subjects, so there was no surprise there. But ‘erection’ I surely never write about. Guess again: it actually does occur once, in this post.
What makes me wonder however is: who would enter these search terms and why?


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