Did we do it?


Source: misanthropicscott

Among paleontologists it’s apparently a matter for discussion. We, homo sapiens that is, lived together with that other species of man, Neanderthal, during a few ten thousands of years. The big question is: did we mate?

I think the answer is very short: of course we did. There’s plenty of evidence around that homo sapiens does it with capra aegagrus hircus, equus ferus caballus, equus africanus asinus, canis lupus familiaris, you name it, we do it. So why on earth would we not do it with Neanderthals?

Surely not because they were another species.


2 Responses to “Did we do it?”

  1. It’s an interesting question, and one that is a hot topic in paleontology. I’ll be interested to see the final outcome of the debate as more and more evidence pours in.

    For now, in my non-expert opinion, the unique structure of the neanderthal sinus, which was an adaptation to the cold found only in neanderthals among the hominids, is simply not present in any modern human.

    So, while it is possible that we had sex with neanderthals, it seems unlikely to me that we bred fertile offspring with them. Perhaps our genetics were just a tad too different.


    It’s sort of a shame really since neanderthals alone among our closest relatives had not only larger brains than us, but had higher encephalization quotient as well, meaning that their brains were larger even when adjusted for their greater body mass.


    Perhaps if we had bred fertile offspring with neanderthals, we might have been able to keep their brain size and our life expectancy. Perhaps we would have learned enough not to screw up everything on the planet so badly.

    Who knows?

    I think it didn’t happen though. Oh well.

    Lastly, thanks for the plug. I’m glad you enjoyed my photo.

  2. Funny!

    Do you mean male Brits on vacation, or all of us?


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