Quote of the day (2)

I sometimes read Michelle Malay Carters blog Mission Minded Management. Half of the time I don’t even understand what she is talking about, but she sounds like someone with a very humane perspective on management. And she has mastered ManagementSpeak™. There is hope yet for the world.

Today I found a good quote in this:

Organizations that seek to enable will find engagement.
Organizations that seek engagement will find manipulation.

Organizations that seek to encourage will find development.
Organizations that seek development will find resistance.

Organizations that seek to question will find innovation.
Organizations that seek innovation will find elitism.

Organizations that seek to align will find communication.
Organizations that seek communication will find platitudes.

Organizations that seek to understand work levels will find leaders.
Organizations that seek leaders will find power mongers.

Organizations that seek to clarify will find accountability.
Organizations that seek accountability will find scapegoats.

Organizations that seek to be fair will find trust.
Organizations that seek trust will find teambuilding exercises.

~ Michelle Malay Carter

I know that company (the even lines that is) why have I never met her?


2 Responses to “Quote of the day (2)”

  1. Ha! This is indeed a very good one.

  2. […] Humane Workplaces? My poem, Organization Design – Seek and Ye Shall Find, was republished on another blog.  The blogger says:  “Half of the time I don’t even understand what she [Michelle Malay […]

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