Muslim fishing lure

Muslim apologetics so shortly after I posted about christian apologetics… That’s bad timing -I know- but this is just too funny not to blog about.

Historically, Islam never had any problems with the theory of evolution. Come to think of it, compared to Christianity Islam has always had a much more relaxed relationship with science in general. But somewhere after the Middle Ages, something went wrong. While in the west science encroached upon widely held, religion-driven notions of the world up to a point where it was thought that religion would soon be obsolete, in the Islamic world the reverse seems to have happened. Maybe the post-17th century rise in all too literal interpretations of the Qur’an and other sacred writings helped -I don’t know. Anyway: the theory of evolution became its main victim. It wasn’t long before Islamic countries started to import creationist literature written by western christian fundamentalists. As a result nowadays, it’s not difficult to find an ordinary muslim stating that ‘Islam rejects evolution’.

Muslims are not only fed material written by western fundamentalist Christians. They have their own propaganda as well. Harun Yahya -a nom de plume– is one of the most famous. He’s from Turkey. In recent years he’s written three volumes of the Atlas of Creation, four further volumes are still in progress. These books are massive in size and weight, beautifully illustrated and very widely distributed -for free. A colleague of mine got the two first volumes and he has nothing to do with either biology or evolution (he’s an archaeologist).

What Yahya basically does is put pictures of fossils next to pictures of the same creatures still alive now. He then observes in the accompanying text that the two are virtually the same and the species has remained unchanged, even though millions of years have passed between the fossil and it’s living relative. Ergo: there is no evolution. This happens page after page. Here’s an example of one (Vol. I, p. 244). A Caddisfly. It’s supposed to be a living one in the foreground and a fossil encased in amber in the background (in a thin red circle – I can’t make the comparison either).


Now, biologists assure me that his comparisons are not always correct: some fossils are very different from the living creatures pictured, and sometimes they’re not even the same species. But even if he were correct in all cases, evolution does not mean all creatures have to continually change. No matter how many fossil creatures have unchanged relatives living today: that says nothing, literally nothing about evolution. In nature as well, winning teams are not changed.

But that’s beside the point of my post. Look closer at the picture. See the steel fishhook emerging from the insects rear end? It’s not a caddisfly, it’s a fishing lure, an artificial one. Harun Yahya simply took the picture and edited it for his own use. Here‘s the guy who found it out (it’s where I shamefully stole the picture). Here‘s the original picture (scroll down) and here you can see how our little Muslim apologist was made.

So little work, so much fun…


3 Responses to “Muslim fishing lure”

  1. i wonder how much money harun did make? i never liked the guy in the first place.

  2. My own understanding of evolution is that species do not gradually change over time.

    My understanding is that species remain unchanged for a very long time. A major chage in the environment eventually occurs, causing a rapid adaption to that change. Rapid can mean a thousand or ten thousand years.

    I understand that a certain type of fly has been seen to change in just twenty reproductive cycles, when needed.

  3. […] halve bekende persoonlijkheden aangenaam verraste door ze ongevraagd een fraai dik boek te sturen, The Atlas of Creation, waarin hij gehakt maakte van de evolutieleer. Allah, komt in het boek niet voor, vandaar dat het […]

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